Here’s What I’ve Read Online This Week

Best Mothers of the Animal Kingdom – I’m really glad I’m not an octopus.

The Beauty and the Bartender – a dating service tale with a heart-warming twist.

How to make cheap wine taste better  – knowledge is free.

A lost girl remembered – an excerpt and follow-up from The Poisoner’s Handbook.

The Costs of Not Vaccinating – the story of a 2008 measles outbreak in Tucson.  

Parasites, boogers, and garlic – oh, and don’t scratch.

Are Talking Heads Blowing Hot Air – Yes, mostly. The literature review beginning on p. 5 of the pdf names a book I now want to read – Expert Political Judgment. The best part of the study begins on page 17 with descriptions of the 26 columnists and types of predictions they made. While the numbers make some of them look good, the descriptions lead me right back to the hot air conclusion.

Ten Peeves About Greenies

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