Helmets And Closed Head Injuries

The death of Natasha Richardson has spurred many comments about what might have prevented her death. One of those¬†memes is “if only she had worn a helmet” is, perhaps, misleading.

What is not addressed is the problem of coup-contrecoup brain injuries. Helmets do little to alleviate head injuries of this type.

Please read this post and the following thread for a good explanation of why helmets help sometimes and don’t help others: A simple bump on the head can kill you. Read the comments for the full story.

I think that there is a reluctance to admit that helmets do not prevent all, or even all types, of head injuries because it’s thought that people won’t wear them if they don’t work 100% of the time.

The other side of that argument is that people who wear helmets may think they are protected to an extent¬†they can take risks they ordinarily wouldn’t.

The take-home message here is to always wear a helmet and to always be careful because a helmet can only protect you against some head injuries, not all.

4 thoughts on “Helmets And Closed Head Injuries

  1. I think if your putting yourself under any risk (skiing/biking/skateboarding) it is just commen sense to protect yourself with what ever equipment is available. No, they don’t always save your life, but hey, why not up the odds to have a better chance at a lesser injury. On the other side of the coin is the fact that you can walk out your front door and slip and crack your skull, chances are you don’t wear a helmet when you leave your house every day.

  2. A friend of mine had his life saved in motorcycle wreck by his kevlar vest. He was a cop and on his way home from work.

    Also, I should have mentioned that helmets are good for one use only. The impact absorbing material loses its effectiveness.

    My husband rides motorcycles and he always wears his helmet and clothing of material no thinner than denim. He has a jacket with kevlar inserts that is also the ugliest color of reflective yellow/green I’ve ever seen, but motorists will notice him.

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