10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom

  1. Her heritage is almost all Anglo-Saxon. Several of the surnames in my mother’s ancestry are place names in England. So, between the Vikings, the Angles, and the Saxons… the answer to your question is: Yes.

    When we were older, we called that look “get that camera outta my face”. She was a character, and yes… beautiful. Thank you!

  2. Thanks! I don’t look enough like her, but there’s a slight resemblance. Mom’s hair was light golden blonde, platinum when she was a child. My sister and my son got her hair color. Mine was what is generally referred to as ‘dishwater’ blonde, but fortunately it had some reddish highlights.

    What I miss most is her friendship. I remember one of my high school friends commenting to me when we were in our late 20s that she wished she could talk and laugh with her mother like I did with mine. That was an eye opener for me that I had something very very special.

    What I regret most (though you didn’t ask) is that she didn’t live long enough to see her grandchildren grow up completely, to see them successfully overcome some struggles I know she worried about… and to see (nay, cuddle) her great-grandchildren.

    I’d be doing a disservice to Mom not to mention her temper also. It took a lot for it to flare, but when it did it was hot. And when it was over, she forgave. Though, not necessarily forgot. It was that the remembrance was usually coupled with a sense of humor that somehow let the lesson stand without acrimony.

    Others in the family may recollect the temper differently :-)

    As for envy of blondes… eh, don’t bother. I wanted to be a brunette. Unfortunately vampires and zombies weren’t fashionable back in those days. At least half my visits to professional stylists have started off with “Can you fix this?”

  3. Misty, Mom was a professional worrier. I got a bit of it from her and learned a lot from her about how to cope with it — such as, do you ever remember getting a phone call from me after 9pm when you were in college? If you weren’t home studying, I didn’t want to KNOW! Haha!!

    This is unlike Mary’s college days, during which she would occasionally call me much later to let me know she wasn’t home studying :-)

    She would be very proud of all her grandchildren now.

    Talina… yes, those styles were amazing. Especially considering that the one you see here was accomplished without electricity!

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