Happy and Sweet Grandchildren

bigeyes.jpgissieworkinghard.jpgissiehappy.jpgissiereading.jpgbelly.jpgGrandparents, since they aren’t usually with their little angels 24/7¬†get to enjoy all the moods. In response to Grandchildren Are Angels, I’m posting these happy and sweet photos of my granddaughter, because while they don’t make me laugh as much as the other one, they portray her as she is 99 and 44/100% of the time and they make me smile, sometimes bring a tear to my eye.

She’s got big brown eyes and knows how to use them. She can be silly. She works hard, plays hard and loves to read her books. Sometimes she has bad hair days, which could be genetic.

issiebadhair.jpgNext month I get have her all to myself, all by myself for three days. I reserve the right to change any and/or all my opinions.

In August we’re visiting our other three grandchildren (the youngest will be born just before we get there) and for the first time I’ll have all of them together. Be prepared to be inundated with cute photos.

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