Good Morning Dear Reader!

Having just awakened from one of my infamous 15 hour naps, I find I have nothing important to say. I know that surprises you.

Get used to it, OK? Even the President has mostly nothing important to say. What I lack is his ability to say nothing eloquently.

What could possibly be said meaningfully or eloquently about poor Meghan McCain’s twitter castastrophe… and why is everyone so upset that she has boobs? I have boobs. Some people are boobs. Boobs are ubiquitous, right? Then… the feminist side of me jumps up screaming why are boobs associated with foolishness and ignorance, er… I mean dumb and blonde?

Is there an actual association between hair color and boob size? Or is there an association between women of average or better intelligence who happen to be blonde and have big boobs who have “made hay” of a perceived link?

As a big-boobed blonde of above average IQ who has given birth to a redhead, blonde, and brunette of above average IQ (and I won’t comment either on the boob size or gender…) I gotta ask… does penis size correlate with IQ? Is smaller smarter?

If I remember correctly, women with bigger boobs have more trouble breastfeeding than to do women with smaller ones. In some way this makes a lot of sense since lower primates and mammals do not develop big boobs. So is this smaller breast size and greater ability to breastfeed a sign of greater evolution or a sign of the productivity of lesser evolution?

At what point in human evolution did the appearance and associated utility of mammary development become  important? If only nourishment of the next generation were considered, small breasts with large nipples would be the norm.

Where did humans go ‘wrong’ in their preference? And did males have anything to do with it?

And what are we to do with the incredibly stupid JP in Tangipahoa Parish who will not marry “mixed” race couples?  It’s fairly obvious that this man opposes only black/white marriages. How would he decide on an Asian/Caucasian marriage or on an Native American/Caucasian marriage? An Hispanic/Caucasian marriage?

While we are given little information on his opinions of “mixed race” marriages not of the black/white type, I am not reluctant to “guess” at his opinion of other mixed “race” types.

And… once again, I am compelled to remember my sharing of photos of grandchildren with a black woman. Her grandson had blue eyes and blonde hair while my granddaughter had black hair, near black eyes and “much darker than white” skin.

It’s rather ironic that my caucasian genes might lower the IQ of my Asian granddaughter and that the caucasian genes might raise the IQ of the black woman’s grandson… theoretically, at least…

And while we’re thinking about racism and it’s incomprehensible negative effects, do not forget those who think that Barack Obama’s black heritage is of a higher intelligence than those whose black heritage is through slavery.

There is a cognitive dissonance thing going on among those who think Obama’s blackness is more “pure” because he is descended from an “actual” African and those who think his “African” descendance is less pure than an American African descendant.

Frankly, as “post-racialist” I think it matters not at all. He chooses the background that most helps his agenda. Unfortunately, his lack of understanding of history confuses him in identifying his agenda.

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  1. As a big-boobed blonde of above average IQ who has given birth to a redhead, blonde, and brunette of above average IQ (and I won’t comment either on the boob size or gender…) I gotta ask… does penis size correlate with IQ? Is smaller smarter?

    Intelligence is correlated with height. Presumably penis size is correlated with height, at least within a racial grouping. So maybe so. On the other hand, the Ashkenazim and East Asians tend to have higher than average average IQs, so maybe not!

    I imagine that the height to IQ correlation works within racial groupings, so taller than average Askenazim or East Asians probably tend to be more intelligent than average. I could hit Gene Expression and from there other sources to look it up and actually create an informed opinion, BUT WHERE’S THE FUN IN THAT?!

  2. Remember, lilsis, that correlation is not causation :) Since I have shrunk in height by almost 2 inches and lost about 25 IQ points during the same time period, I would love to believe that either one caused the other. I’m really looking for almost ANYTHING other than age to blame either on.

    Spend a few days (because a few hours won’t be enough!) reading Gene Expression. The take away message is that nothing statistical applies to individuals, only to large groups.

  3. And… every individual is an outlier in some way, which is what makes us interesting to each other. Can you possibly imagine what an absolute boor and bore the person one the top of the bell curve would be?

  4. “correlation is not causation”

    Right-o. Taller people TEND to be more intelligent. (I mentioned differences in racial groupings earlier. Differences by sex also apply. So a woman should be judged height-wise against other women, not men or the overall average.) It doesn’t mean that very tall people can’t be very stupid. (Jayson Williams, I’m looking in your direction) or that short people can’t be brilliant.

    (I don’t think Einstein was terribly tall, and I was significantly taller than the most brilliant people I’ve ever met, and much the inferior to them in intellect. I’m talking about everyone from the merely extremely brilliant (Prof. Emch at UF, who sounds like a happy, less-gravelly version of Henry Kissinger) to giants of 20th century mathematics (John Thompson and Paul Erdos). Not the best citation for Thompson, but I couldn’t resist the headline!)

    As counter examples, I can point out that many of the top poker players are VERY tall (many of the men are over 6’4″ IIRC) and that many of the current crop of top chess players are also tall. (Here I will cite a first hand account from the 2007 World Championship Tournament in Mexico:

    About the players themselves, they generally managed to disappear quite effectively between rounds (except for Aronian), but they were all quite impressive in their own ways. Each had a real presence about them that could probably prove intimidating to lesser opponents (helped along by the fact that all of them but Aronian are over 6 feet tall, most of them well over 6 feet).

    Also note that the correlation could simply mean that another factor is at play: One can easily envision that improved nutrition for the young would mean both more height and more intelligence later in life. Someone with the right resources could probably use the old Soviet Union as a test case. I recall reading once that those children born in the 1950s tended to be 3-4 inches taller than their parents, on average. The 1950s were a time of relative plenty for the Soviets, and the 1930s (when the parents in this generation comparison were coming of age) were a time a famine in strife in many parts of that vast nation. I wonder if their were good IQ studies made of each generation. (Quite possibly not, given the impact of Lysenkosim on Soviet science.)

  5. I’m not going to ponder too long on the fact that I’ve always sucked at poker and chess. And math.

    Do you have trouble with Razib’s graphs? Sometimes I find them incomprehensible and cannot figure out why he comes to the conclusions he does.

  6. Sometimes I do, but I usually figure them out. He’s (understandably) big on statistics and probability, but I always hated that. Give me good clean mathematical analysis or higher algebra anyday. (I used to be a graduate student in mathematics before I realized there was no money in it, and that my passion wasn’t great enough to overcome the lack of remuneration. Of course, I’m unemployed now, so perhaps I should’ve stuck with it! But mainly I love problems with definitive answers, which ain’t statistics strong suite.)

    As for chess and poker, both are games of high skill and require much practice before any real profeciency can be felt. I’m an okay chess player (Class A/B on the USCF scales) and a terrible poker player. There’s only so much practice I’m willing to give to either, so I will likely never get much better.

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