Future TCU Showgirl

The 2009 Fiesta Bowl wasn’t so good for Texas Christian University, but my granddaughter had a good time at the pep rally charming the TCU Showgirls.

Last year, when UT won, she charmed the Texas Poms. It could be that she’s a year older now, or that the TCU women are more trusting since they actually let Issie hold the pom pom.  

Funny how quickly the young pick up on that possession is 9/10ths of the law thing. Mine! Mine!

It’s up to UT to win the BCS National Championship game tonight, or my granddaughter’s mommie is going to be sad. Both her schools can’t let her down in the same week can they?

Hook ’em Horns!

7 thoughts on “Future TCU Showgirl

  1. Awww! What an adorable little girl! I was surprised she was so dark-haired, given what you’ve written about your blonde hair and seeing your mom’s pic. Or did you and your daughter go for the opposites’ attract? Anyway, she is SO sweet.

  2. Sorry about the football teams losing, but you have the consolation of a cute granddaughter!

    Even though I’m a UF alumnus, and therefore should be an SEC booster, I wasn’t thrilled by Alabama winning last night. Nick Saban is a humorless jerk, and Alabama fans are too-full of themselves regardless. Also, Colt McCoy had a stellar career and I would have liked to see him top it off with the big win.

    But your daughter can take heart from one thing – that Gilbert kid looks like he’ll bee really good with some seasoning. Texas will probably be back in the game in two or three years.

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