Flushing Capability Restored

My husband got around to replacing the toilet that had been just pretending to flush. I had no idea that toilets could wear out. I knew that the innards in the tanks might need replacing periodically, but not that other parts could wear out.

Anyway, it’s an older house and the bolts holding the toilet to the floor had disintegrated. I’m sure there might have been an easier way, or more elegant way, of removing such a toilet, but my darling chose the sledgehammer method. That was Day 1.

Day 2 involved chiseling out the bolts and cleaning up shards of vitreous china.

Day 3 should have been the easiest — set the new toilet in position and bolt it down — a job that should have taken less than an hour.

Not so, as standards have changed. Something on our toilet was 6 1/2 inches and the corresponding part on the new toilet was 6 inches. Nothing lined up. After 5 hours of chipping away 50 years of I don’t want to know what, a new something (a flange?) was installed and the new toilet was set.

All’s well that ends well. But our plans to replace the toilet in the other bathroom have been put on hold. I’m sure those plans will be revised to include paying for a professional installation. And they will include my absence during the procedure!

5 thoughts on “Flushing Capability Restored

  1. so what wore out?

    i once thought i had a crappy (ha ha) toilet that pretended to flush and almost replaced it before someone told me that it might only need a good cleaning. specifically, under the rim, there’s a bunch of holes out of which the water flows when flushed. over time some get clogged, which screws up the entire flushing process. stick a coat hangar in the them to clear the gunk, and the problem will be solved.

  2. Beats me what wore out. But it wasn’t clogged holes under the rim. Those are really pretty easy to spot and I do keep them clean. I suspect it was a 50 year build-up of gunk beyond what gets cleaned with a toilet brush combined with mineral build-up from the water.

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