Dreaded Parvo

One of our little puppies, the female, Jill may have Parvo. We’ve talked to the emergency vet twice tonight and will have her at our regular vet by 8am tomorrow, but it’s so sad to see a sweet playful little puppy so lethargic, so still that you have to check if she is still breathing.

I haven’t posted yet that we decided to name them Jack and Jill, have I? Bonnie & Clyde got vetoed by the hubby and Robin Hood and Maid Marian vetoed by my youngest daughter.

Hopefully Jill will be fine. We’ve been feeding her Pedialyte and watching very closely for other signs of Parvo beside vomiting and lethargy. Poor thing…

UPDATE: Jill definitely has Parvo and the vet kept Jack too because he’s likely got it, just a few days behind in incubation period. He really didn’t give us a lot of hope, though I just read that with treatment 80% of puppies survive Parvo, without 80% die.

I have to say the vet wasn’t quite that positive. It’s $150/day to treat the dogs and he said he wanted us to know up front that they may die anyway. I think he was especially worried about Jill, although she did not seem quite as lethargic this morning. That could be my wishful thinking, too.

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