Computer Pranks

The first time I had a computer prank pulled on me was by my 7 year old nephew who hid all the icons on my Windows 3.1 desktop. It backfired a little bit because I became much more likely to say, “why, no I don’t think you can use my computer” for a few days after that.

Hopefully, he’ll read this list — The 25 Best high-Tech Pranks — and convert them use on a Mac if possible and drive his mother an itty bit closer to the edge. She’s so far back from it right now that I can hardly see her.

via TigerHawk

2 thoughts on “Computer Pranks

  1. I played one on my husband recently by taking a .wav clip of his mother’s voice (from a voice mail message she left for me) as she says “You DO realize there’s NO good reason to ignore MY messages, right?”

    Now whenever he gets an email that plays on his speakers.

    Yeah, I’m evil.

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