Comment Deleted By Left-Leaning Blogger

It finally happened to me. A few days ago, I left a comment defending Palin’s views on abortion and how her personal views don’t seem to be reflected in her governing. It was amidst 10 or so “yeah, me too” posts agreeing with the view that Sarah Palin is bound to make abortion completely illegal.

When I went back today to see if there were responses to my comment that I should answer, my comment was not there. My comment was not nasty or profane, simply disagreeing.

Now, I’m not naming the blogger. Her site is not normally politically oriented and it’s not required that any blogger leave any comment displayed. It’s her space. I tend to leave up anything that’s not laced with profanity or obviously spam. This is my space.

I’m not complaining, but simply noting that this is the first time it’s ever happened to me. Even DailyKos let my comments stand during the 2004 election. (I’ve not commented since then there.)

I suppose I just never expected it to happen to me.

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