Child-proofing and Dog-proofing

My granddaughter will be here this weekend, so I’m giving thought to a bit of child-proofing. It’s only overnight as we’re all leaving for South Carolina the next day. Yet, I think I’ll move my blood pressure medicine to a higher shelf.

What I don’t really have to worry about with the granddaughter is making sure that chocolate, potatoes, bananas, and onions are out of her reach. So far tonight, Maverick, our Great Pyrenees puppy, has eaten a square of chocolate, obliterated an onion and potato and was last seen heading for the bananas. (He is not sleeping inside tonight.)

We measured him tonight and he’s 29″ tall at the front withers (at 9 months old). He was 26″ on Oct. 4. The dog is  huge. Whatever is on the table within a foot of the edge is easily reached without any straining. If he stands and stretches, nothing is out of his reach.

I have no idea what he weighs now (58 lbs in August), but I’m glad he’s a gentle and loving pup. I also hope that square of chocolate is not going to hurt him, though I was miffed that it was the last square of chocolate in the house. Darned dog. 

4 thoughts on “Child-proofing and Dog-proofing

  1. I have been dog sitting 2 dogs like this since the beginning of last August. They are the same breed as yours and they will eat things off of the kitchen table and out of the garbage – both types of feedings are without any effort on their part! Also, the shedding is incredible! I am used to having nonshedding dogs.

  2. I always thought chocolate was deadly for dogs, no matter what amount. Of course, not being a dog owner, I have never had to worry about it. I do however housesit on occasion for a dog owner, Havanise?(not sure about spelling) I think is the breed? I have never seen a more picky/finiky/pampered pooch in my life. She is georgeous, soft, and cuddly but very high strung. The owner has an electric doggy door (trigger by remote from her collar) and she likes her bum wiped every time she goes. The owner has a special area for this exact event all set up, so the dog goes to it each time she comes in. As for grandkids and child proofing, I do hide the chocolate, BECAUSE IT’S MINE!!! Ok, I am not that evil, but close,, lol.

  3. You’re not kidding are you… I’m NOT wiping a dog’s bum. Nope, not doing it. Well, if the… um, no. Nevermind, not doing it.

    Besides, we’ve got two dogs and they do it for each other.

    I like the electric doggy door idea. My daughter’s cat got “arrested” the other night for going through a neighbor’s doggy door and getting into a fight with their indoor cat.

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