Dec 15 2012

The Horror Of The Connecticut Massacre

Tag: violenceDonna B. @ 5:31 am

It’s going to take some courage that I’m pretty sure I don’t have for my daughters and sons-in-law to take my precious grandchildren to school Monday morning. Of course I rationally understand the odds of this happening to one of my beloved grandchildren are miniscule… but then those odds didn’t prevent it, did they?

Which brings up the question of can this sort of thing be prevented? I, regrettably, must answer “No”.

Of course we all think of things that could have been done — but, if we are honest, we can also think of numerous reasons why those things weren’t done. Some of those reasons are very good ones.

I would like so very much to blame some universal something or some ‘type’ of human for this — but what good does that do? Should we confine every autistic individual or every schizophrenic, or… any other type of individual that we can label? Should you or I be responsible for identifying those individuals among us who are capable of this sort of violence? More importantly, can we?