A pet lover opines

Folloder (Non Sequitur) is a pet lover. He just doesn’t love YOUR pets. Specifically, he doesn’t love them when they mess in his yard or mess up his yard.

The only thing I have to say is that he’s a bit optimistic about even the most responsible pet owner controlling a cat. It’s wonderful if you have one of those lovely cats that never, ever wants to go outside. But if you have one that howls and scratches at the door to be let out, well… he/she is gonna do whatever they please. I don’t fault cat owners for paw prints on my car.

The other suggestion is that if your dog is a “runner” and some breeds are, get a microchip. Especially do this if you take your dog on trips with you.

How young is too young to hunt?

Ann Althouse asks “Should a 10-year-old be permitted to go hunting?” In Wisconsin, there’s a proposal to lower the hunging age from 12 to 10. A previous proposal set the age at 8. I find myself in agreement with the Althouse commenters who suggest that parents must decide when a child is mature enough to hunt.

Myself, I went to hunting camps as young as 8, but never hunted because I didn’t want to. There was no pressure. Just like there wasn’t any pressure to get me to fish. I did, however, enjoy the bounty of those who successfully hunted and fished. Especially fish. Especially catfish and crappie. I love fish much more than I like venison.