Cobwebs, the Way I Talk, and Shallow Rabbit Holes

So, yeah… it’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and just in case I decide one of my resolutions is to resume blogging, I thought I should see if everything is still working. It is.

WordPress is updated and it took most of the afternoon to rid the place of spam comments. I’m not sure I got them all. I also updated the spam blocker.

To get things started, here’s something that has caught my interest this week: How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk.

Big picture last q roundabout

Oddly enough, I did not answer “y’all” to the first question. It’s still “you guys” most of the time even though I’ve lived in the South for over 40 years after growing up in SW Colorado. So, the general geographic area is OK, but the shading is all wrong. I have never lived more than 10 miles east of the Texas border. I have never been to Columbus  GA, I drove through Mobile AL once about 20 years ago, and visited Montgomery AL for the first time this past September.

I was so surprised by the results that I’ve taken the test several times. My very first results were Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile. When I answered “y’all”, I got Jackson, Birmingham, Columbus. The results can’t be compared exactly, because the questions vary a bit each time.

So many things to question about this test. First, the ultimate map puts me so firmly in the South when more than half my answers to questions were accompanied by small maps that either orange or light blue all over. Two other questions yielded maps that were decidedly blue in the area the test decides I’m from, my choice of “you guys” being the prime example.

Several cousins took the test and we compared the results on Facebook to further reduce the scientific validity of this whole thing. It was fun. Some of the results were exactly where the person lives now and has for his/her whole life, along with their parents. Where the results got interesting were among those of us who were born well away from where we now live. Even though we don’t perceive our speech changing all that much, the fact that there chinks the test noted but classified in ways that stuck us as odd is interesting. Interesting without much depth, but I am noting the results in the genealogy file just for kicks.


What does it mean to say that something causes 16% of cancers? Not as much as journalists and especially, headline writers, might think.

Smelling like a man. Could be a good thing. Or not. I wouldn’t mind a candle with the fragrance of freshly cut wood, but one of the reasons for using a candle or room deodorizer is to lessen odors like fish, beer, booze, or tobacco.

Just watched the finals of the National Geographic Bee. I feel so inadequate now. While I couldn’t recall the name of the city on the final question, it was at least something that I “sorta knew” unlike most of the other questions where I had NO idea. Yeah… I said to my husband, “It starts with R, I just can’t think of the name.” What brilliant children! Of course they’ve studied long and hard for this. Congratulations to Rahul Nagvekar of Sugar Land, TX.

Have you eaten venison? (via Bad Data, Bad which you should be reading if you aren’t already)

In general, 65 percent of people have eaten venison. But among those who have mistakenly used the public restroom of the opposite sex, 80 percent have eaten venison.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read. Unless you read it here.

Crisis Cleaning For Last-Minute Guests. From a new site called Housewife How To’s by an old internet friend of mine. Even if you’re like me and not likely to do any housecleaning, you’ll still enjoy her writing:

The best way to deal with unexpected guests is prevention: train them to give a week’s notice before coming over. Unfortunately, some folks won’t listen.

I’m off to contemplate not cleaning my house. Later!

Here’s What I’ve Read Online This Week

Best Mothers of the Animal Kingdom – I’m really glad I’m not an octopus.

The Beauty and the Bartender – a dating service tale with a heart-warming twist.

How to make cheap wine taste better  – knowledge is free.

A lost girl remembered – an excerpt and follow-up from The Poisoner’s Handbook.

The Costs of Not Vaccinating – the story of a 2008 measles outbreak in Tucson.  

Parasites, boogers, and garlic – oh, and don’t scratch.

Are Talking Heads Blowing Hot Air – Yes, mostly. The literature review beginning on p. 5 of the pdf names a book I now want to read – Expert Political Judgment. The best part of the study begins on page 17 with descriptions of the 26 columnists and types of predictions they made. While the numbers make some of them look good, the descriptions lead me right back to the hot air conclusion.

Ten Peeves About Greenies

Saturday Afternoon Random Observations

1. Stupid people abound on both sides of the U.S. partisan divide. The funniest thing is that sometimes their ‘arguments’ are interchangeable to a high degree.

2. A neighbor playing music outdoors is rather pleasant provided that neighbor is at least a block away.

3. I like sitting on the front porch.

4. A front porch should have a ceiling fan and table on which to rest a glass of wine.

5. Our new neighbors across the street park and enter their driveway just like the old neighbors did. Cars back up the driveway and go in the garage. Pickups enter hood first and park in the driveway to the far right.

6. It doesn’t really bother me to share my glass of wine with a small bug or two as long as they don’t stay in there too long. Why is this? A large bug landing in the glass gets it tossed as does one of any size that’s been in there an unidentified length of time. This may be related to the five second rule.

7. Regarding #1, stupidity is not necessarily correlated with educational achievement or the lack thereof. The ability to express stupidity succinctly is.

Saturday Surfing

*Buying cheap cheese is worse than buying no cheese at all. When you have no cheese, you don’t waste time, energy, and other ingredients trying to make it edible.

*I hate the scrolling twitter widget. I hate anything on a website that moves unless I tell it to.

*History’s First Redneck Mummy (lower left panel)

*I love my battery backup, because I hate power outages.

*Am I the only person who cannot manage to order a Pizza Hut pizza online? I’m beginning to think they want to be able to say they offer online ordering, but are actively discouraging anyone from ever using it.

* New study reveals most children are unrepentant sociopaths (via Retriever). And then they grow up and design scrolling, flashing widgets for websites or tests for “security” that can’t be passed. For a more scientific view, see The Science of Success.

*Speaking of pizza — a quick perusal of our buying habits over the past year says that this family orders pizza on average of once a month, and that approximately 25% of these orders coincide with having company. Yeah, I am just that lazy.

*Is it the least we can do? Buy Local, Act Evil. Just a thought here… but, if I buy the best that I can for the least amount of money, is that not also ecologically sound? (Note: I’m not saying I do this — see cheap cheese.)

*Tundra. Just go, click, and scroll. That’s what I plan on doing for the next hour or so.

Monday Morning Rounds

Politically Correct Chemistry noted at Dustbury.

Althouse goes to the movies, so we don’t have to. Her thoughts on seeing “Capitalism: A Love Story”

Amusingly, Barack Obama is presented — outright — as a socialist. We see a roomful of people exulting over the election night announcement that Obama has won and, in context, we’re made to think that it’s the downtrodden people celebrating that socialism has arrived. I don’t think Obama really wants Michael Moore’s help.

I’m absolutely certain I should commune with nature more often. Or at least try it once.

My Datsun was a station wagon and it was red.  No A/C or radio with a stick shift. And in 1971, I could fill it up at 19 cents a gallon.

But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him And makes me poor indeed.

A (small?) moment in the history of the Internet.

If I had to guess at what “tortiloquy” meant, it would be something like a loving ode to the tortilla. However, that ain’t it. At Save The Words, I found it means “dishonest or immoral speech.” Remember that, the next time you hear a politician give a speech. The site takes a bit to load, but it is worth the wait.

Obviously, I need to contact Monongahela Mission Statements, Inc. right now, if not sooner.

Late Wednesday Links

From the NY Times:

Hidebound traditionalism blamed for lusty boos.

Blue Is The New Black – who knew having everything wouldn’t make you happy?

I now have proof that I’m not crazy, though I may have an issue here and there.

Kick the tires and light the fire. I am going home.


Via Marginal Revolution:

Who wouldn’t want a Lamborghini bed? Zero to 60 in…

Technology for your OCD.

Llama, llama, playing golf.

For my DIY readers: The Art and Science of Embalming and Do-It-Yourself Coffins.



The baked bean index and other economic indicators, via Swans on Tea

The Aging of Sweetness – proof positive legislators have too much time on their hands.


And… goodnight!