Sep 15 2008

Reagan Was Falsely Accused

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With news today that Obama may have tried to influence the Iraqi government to “delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence“, it’s almost impossible to not to think of Reagan being accused of negotiating with the Iranians to “delay” release of American hostages until his inauguration.

Now, as much as I think Carter was a horrible president (and even worse as an ex-President) he did do a few things right. One is that he spent his last day and night in office working tirelessly for the release of the hostages.

The election was long over.

In Lou Cannon’s Reagan, (out of print?) it is described this way:

…Jimmy Carter was doing his utmost to free the hostages during his last hours as President. Reagan aides had cooperated, joining the defeated President during the transition to send a single message to Iran which said, in effect, “Don’t expect a better deal from Ronald Reagan.” The negotiations had nonetheless dragged on, to the consternation both of Carter and the Reagan team. “The best thing that could happen to us would be to have the hostages free when we took office,” Reagan’s counsellor Edwin Meese had said privately three days before the inauguration. It almost happened. At one point during the long night before the inauguration the release seemed so assured that Carter and his aides drank a champagne toast to the captured Americans. But it was a premature celebration. By dawn, Carter had recognized that he would no longer be in office by the time the hostages left Iran. (pp. 20-21)

Of course the more dastardly charge is that Reagan was in contact with the Iranians before the election, urging them to hold the hostages just a little longer to keep Carter’s ratings down. In fact, as early as June, it was a fear of the Reagan campaign that Carter himself was delaying the release so it would be an “October Surprise” and tried to preempt such a surprise by bringing it up to reporters. Thinking that Carter would do such a thing is pretty rotten too. (p. 293)

However, accusing Carter of such isn’t exactly be accusing him of a crime, whereas accusing Reagan of doing it before taking office is. Both accusations stink.

For further reading on Obama’s latest problem and more links, see The Anchoress and Bookworm Room

Sep 04 2008

Pit Bull With Lipstick

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And I want to hug that pit bull! Oh yeah, that sounds a bit lesbian, so sue me. She’s one hell of an orator (Obama, uh, listen up — you uh, really don’t shine in uh, that department, you know, uh, despite what’s been, uh, written about you…)

If Sarah Palin was snide and sarcastic, then I like snide and sarcastic. No, I love snide and sarcastic.

If Sarah Palin is wrong to treat her “special needs” child as normally as possible, then I’m wrong too in treating my “non-special needs” children as normal. Good grief, what is a mother to do when faced with any child — set him or her up to fail due to “special” treatment? And, yes, I do speak from experience here as the mother of a special needs child who is now a special needs adult. He is still his own entity, not an extension of me.

Admiration is something I have for few people. My mother and father have earned it. My grandmother and step-grandfather have earned it. A few very special aunts, uncles, and cousins have earned it. My children — they too have earned it, each in their own special way. But… to bestow any semblance of this admiration to a politician is unheard of in my world. Yet, Sarah Palin has earned, at the very least, a consideration that she might possibly deserve my admiration.

Oh yeah, and I want to adopt Piper and Trig. Would that be OK with you Sarah?

Aug 21 2008

My Chosen Charity This Year

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Save Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School

I’m not voting for Obama, but that’s no reason to ignore his father’s hometown school. Education is the first step. Obama’s father and Juliette Ochieng’s father both got the advantage of advanced education in the United States. I think it’s fitting that the offspring of at least one of them returns the favor.

Hopefully both will.

Not being one of the wealthiest people anywhere, I’m not able to donate very much, but I have so far donated a little bit two months in a row and plan to keep doing so. I hope some of you will join me!

Jan 09 2008

Now is the time for Mideast Peace

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 Bush Says Now Is Time for Mideast Peace.

When, in the last 60 years or so has NOT been the time for Mideast Peace? In my years as an adult, I do not remember any time that there has not been some kind of war in the Middle East. I also remember almost every President in my adult life trying in some way to leave “peace in the Middle East” as his legacy.

Though, I’m cynical about it ever completely being accomplished, the Iraq war and our efforts in Afghanistan may make it somewhat more possible. That’s why I’ve supported the wars unfailingly. I do not want my grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) fighting the same wars… again and again.

May Bush be successful.