Browser And Website Irritations

Add computer and operating system to the title.

I hate it when my computer starts “acting up” and especially when I’m not exactly sure why, where, or when it’s going to.

List of current irritations:

Shockwave hangs when I’m using Chrome.

Facebook won’t load some profile or photo pages in IE.

Writing posts loses paragraph breaks in Chrome. is slow, their search options suck and navigation is a pain.

Shutterfly’s Family Pages don’t load correctly in IE, Chrome, or Firefox. I get the best results from Chrome, but get Java errors in all three. I’ve downloaded and re-installed Java several times.

Gmail is unavailable too often.

Yahoo mail keeps telling me the last session wasn’t shut down properly.

XP Pro (service pack 3) recognizes my printer as new hardware on every boot, but when I just cancel the box, my printer works fine.

It’s not only a pain, but painful for me, task to get to the back of my box to plug in my external harddrive to make backups. But I’m going to have to do it because I think I just need to reinstall everything. Well, not everything, because there’s a lot of junk on there, including 3 versions of Microsoft Office.

I need a new version of Acrobat. I’m getting too many things not readable by 5.0, but I’m also afraid the latest version will not have my favorite features and expanded ones of features I hate, and new ones I’ll have to learn.

Should I do a clean install of XP, spend a day getting a gazillion service packs and hotfixes… then spend another day (or two) installing my software and downloading all the upgrades for them?

My processor (P4, 2.2) and my harddrive (120 gig) are 8 1/2 years old, the motherboard is 5 years old. I’ve 1.28 gig ram. No DVD recorder (there’s one on my laptop, but I can’t type worth a damn on it.) Or should I beg for a new computer and new software?

And did I mention I’m out of wine? (Though, apparently well-stocked with whine.)

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