Big Sister, Little Sister

One of the best parts of my trip was seeing my 3-year-old granddaughter’s reactions to her new baby sister. I wondered if she’d be jealous, would she want to be treated “like a baby” or would she imitate her mother’s behavior with her dolls?

Issie is, I think, the ideal Big Sister. Here she is holding Little Sister:

Awe is the best word to describe most of her reaction. Her first words upon seeing Penny were “She’s so cute!” These were followed soon by “Can I hold her?”

The first time Penny was laid on the playmat on the floor, Issie immediately got a book (about princesses, of course) and read it to her.

Issie also tries to comfort Penny when she’s fussy. This is so sweet to watch… but Big Sister doesn’t go overboard. When her efforts failed one day, she said “Bye bye” and walked away. I guess you would have to have been there to get how funny that was.

Overall, Issie has been much more interested in imitating her mother’s behavior than in wanting to be treated as a baby. She’s shown no signs of feeling that she needs to be a baby to get attention. And… while her imitations of her mother are hilarious, they just won’t get any play on the internet from me! Let’s just say boobs are involved and leave it at that, OK?

It was difficult for me to leave both these babies after having spent over a month with them. There’s nothing so sweet as holding a newborn or having a 3-year-old whisper a secret in your ear.

I am bothered that I have 3 other grandchildren that I’ve not been able to spend as much time with. This will have to change!

5 thoughts on “Big Sister, Little Sister

  1. Adorable kids! What a sweet Big Sister she is, and what adorable cheeks on Little Sister. It must have beenso hard to leave them. I laughed out loud at that “Bye bye”. My spouse’s frazzled version of that used to be “the baby needs nto nurse” (or have it’s diaper changed, or whatever). On the other hand, he was better at soothing her colicky screams as she would quiet when he walked her up and down the hall (long stride helped)

  2. Hi, Donna,

    Can’t reply in my comments over at my blog as I am having problems posting comments.

    But thanks for your insights. I think my kid was so like me before that she has to go to extreme lengths to assert her independence. Like the girl with the curl on her forehead, when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad, she was horrid….

    Hope I can fix my blog…but off to the garden now. Blazing hot, and 90 per cent humid, but storms predicted, so have to get last of summer garden stuff in the ground.

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