Being my own Primary Care Manager

A while back I wrote about being my own PCM. There, I implied that was not a good thing. As I think upon it more, I’ve decided I was wrong. Not only am I my own PCM, I darn well should be. Who — besides me — is more interested in my overall health and well-being? I should leave that up to anyone else than me?

No. I have to take responsibility for myself and my health.

As I’ve experienced a few dizzy spells the last few weeks, I’ve decided to take a good look at my medications. There are 8 (eight!!) prescription drugs I take daily. Could it be possible that while there are no “serious” interactions among these drugs, that some combination is causing me to feel dizzy?

My Tricare Prime PCM relies on the computerized comparison of these drugs to determine “compatibility” and, I suppose the MTF pharmacy does also. Yet, my body is unique and may react differently than normally expected.

I’ve decided to do my own research into each drug I’ve been prescribed and then I will go over those results with my PCM, whoever he or she may be at the time I finish.

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