At My Convenience

In what I hope is not a harbinger of the year to come, I spent a bit of time in customer service hell this afternoon. After 20 minutes or so of pressing 1 for the option I wanted and another 20 minutes or so of annoying music and commercials, I finally got to a real person.

He was nice and gave me the minimal amount of information available to him and said he’d transfer me to someone who could help me. He warned me that I’d probably get voice mail and to be sure an leave a message.

That in itself was disheartening, as it meant I’d be a slave to my phone waiting for a return call. But it was the way the promise to return my call was phrased that set me off.

The man stated he would return my call at his earliest convenience. That’s rather stating the obvious since I was the one leaving him a message, but it is an incredibly arrogant way to do it.

We all know that when we leave a message for someone to call us, they will call whenever they feel like it, and it’s rather nice to actually say “please call me back when it is convenient for you.” 

But it’s not really not nice to tell someone upfront that you’ll call them back whenever it’s convenient for you. Really, can’t you just say “as soon as possible” even if you know it will be whenever you feel like it?

And he didn’t call back today. So, I’ll be taking phone to the bathroom with me tomorrow too, because I don’t want to inconvenience him by not being able to answer when it’s inconvenient for me.

2 thoughts on “At My Convenience

  1. I hate some of the companies here that have automated answering, “please state why your calling” so feeling foolish as if I am talking to an imaginary friend, I say the reason, then the “voice” says “sorry, I didn’t understand you, please state the reason why your calling”, there isn’t even an option to press a number for a customer representative. I would love to know who they hire to do the drone voice, meet them, and smack them. I don’t mind being put on hold, they can be swamped with customer calls, but I am a real person paying my bills with real money. I would therefor like to talk to a real person who can actually here me!

  2. I finally talked to the guy today (I called him back again) and you know what? I could have got more responsive answers from the automated drone… at least as responsive. All he did was repeat a script over and over. I kept insisting and now I’m waiting for a call back from his manager. I hope it’s a different script, but my hopes of talking to a listening and responsive human being at this company aren’t real high.

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