And Now I Hate Domino’s Pizza

Here’s the relevant part of the email confirmation of the pizza order:

 Order #: 14065
Date: 7/19/2008 6:30PM

Thank you for placing your order at! If you have any questions
about your order, please call the store directly at 318-688-3030.

For security purposes, we call back all new customers to verify your order prior to delivery.
If you do not answer your phone or provide an inaccurate phone number, your pizza will not be delivered.

See that phrase “…call back all new customers…” up there. Believe me, we’re not new customers. Domino’s has delivered pizza to this residence at least four times in the last month.

See that time? 6:30 pm. It’s now 7:44 pm and no pizza here yet, even after two phone calls, the last one with a lying, incompetent, excuse-making, blame the customer manager.

The first call resulted in us being told no order had been placed. The second call got a somewhat better informed person who said the computer showed the order had been completed, and was puzzled by why we hadn’t got it. So she turned the call over to the manager.

He then informed me that both his employees had to be wrong because he was the only person there allowed to pull up orders by order number.  Huh? Why have an order number then? He then told me that driver, following company policy as all his drivers always do, called and no one answered so he brought the pizza back to the store.

Oh, wait… the first time he said the driver knocked on our door and then called, which is not what he said their security policy was – which is to verify all orders by phone.  Well, it’s a nice evening here and my son and husband were both outside and nobody pulled up in our driveway and knocked on our door.

Now, I have one confession to make – the phone number on the account is wrong. It’s been disconnected. That’s how “old” our account is.

He said he’d get the pizza out as soon as a driver returned to the store. I asked him that since the pizza would be cold would he consider knocking down the price. He said he was not allowed to do that. At that point I considered just cancelling the order and letting them try to hawk this pizza off on the next poor dope that ordered one like it. Then he’d have two unhappy customers!

I can’t imagine a manager unable to make price adjustments. I guess he’s too busy pulling up the orders by order number for his staff to do anything else.

But son is hungry and wants pizza.

Yeah! 7:52 pm and pizza is finally here! But I still hate Domino’s.

16 thoughts on “And Now I Hate Domino’s Pizza

  1. C’mon, it is pizza dude. Why get your panties in a bunch. You logic/complaint is worthless

  2. I hate being lied to and that’s what the manager did. If only he’d said, “so sorry, we messed up and we’ll get that pizza there as soon as possible” I’d have been a happy camper.

    But he chose to lie and make excuses.

  3. That explains why you haven’t been answering your phone lately. Who else did you not tell besides me and Domino’s?

  4. Nah Lil Sis, you have the “special” number. I’d never give that to Domino’s.

    I was outside watering some plants that I’ve managed to keep alive for over a year now. That’s a record for me, btw.

  5. The whole notion that a manager can’t give a price discount is ridiculous. That’s why he’s management! Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t pulled up the orders because he was too busy using the company computer to update his MySpace page.

  6. You chose to display your ignorance here…. so be it….. in all its glory, here is your order:

    You did NOT call Dominoes Pizza. Trust me when I say that we all know each other, your retarded self called Pizza Hut to place the order and gave them a non-existent addy. Un-beknownst to you, we actually work together to get pizza delivery correct regardless of the vendor. You, apparently, have less than a high school education or you would have known this basic fact of marketing. I use the term ‘basic’ because its what entry level uneducated plebes already know. You are apparently stupid.

    Your order listed to a phone number…. this same number you claim is expired, ***lesson*** the single most customer reference in every delivery service IN THE WORLD is via phone records. They are collected and sold to each other for scammer-proofing reference. You changed your single most important piece of info (this is generally considered common sense, but not in your case apparently).

    So you ordered something w/o giving your correct info. YOU ASSUMED they could read your trailer-park mind. And now you are upset because you didnt get your order in a timely manner? Heres a thought, DONT BE POOR while ordering expensive food!

    Stupid trash.

  7. sad to say now, managers are not allowed to discount orders for time issues. If your food was wrong or cold we could discount it but thats it. It is not the GM’s fault. I am the manager at a Dominos and have made exceptions. Stupid driver gets lost or we are really busy, the type of thing thats my fault, like hiring an idiot. I can understand any upset resulting from our mistake, but when you order online we need all the correct info. We cant E mail you back. Duh, we need your phone number! You might be supprised how many people give us the wrong apt number and phone number. You want a discount? I want a raise for dealing with you ignorant pigs. btw I am only the GM because i like my crew. They are awesome. We dont have issues. We have happy customers. Im sorry for the people who have ordered from a crappy dominos, but there not all bad.

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  9. Domino’s employees are retarded. I have had several bad experiences with their incompetent staff. And if you are curious why their managers are so retarded, its easy to see. They CANT get a better job, due to their limited intelligence. I guess it isn’t their fault that they are so ignorant. God can’t make us all able to tie our shoes, that’s what Velcro is for. I will never do business with this sorry-ass company, and recommend all others do the same(trust me, you’ll be better for it). May capitalism settle this with the bankruptcy of Domino’s, a worthless institution destined to fail.

  10. some people at dominos are inexcusably rude i was woking at another store to help out because they are open late in a college atmosphere and was surprised by all the swearing and rudeness that surrounded me, but that kind of thing would never happen at my store ever, so people like you definatanely need to take this slander off the internet cause its not giving this particular dominos a bad name, its giving all dominos a bad name. People make a living doing this stuff and would it be fair if you were a teacher and i said that teachers are stupid how much would you sppreciate that. I work too hard fo people like you who order online, who never give an accurate phone number or apt number, sometimes even the wrong city or even the pizza itself, i had one person call back once but they ordered one half no cheese, now sometimes people are weird and order that kind of stuff but i called them and there was no freakin answer….then they wanted a discount?!?!?! Its one thing if your completely rude, have no manners at all…..or to deal with the likes of you fuckers customer after customer. My average delivey times there and back are 21 minutes which puts 30 minutes to shame, i make the best food the fastest and have driven my sales. I am aiming at becoming a owner and to see to it that all dominos i own are run that way. But vague questions such as “do you guys have any deals?” when they god damn know what the fuckin deals are cause theyve gotten them a million times before or took one look at the menus we send them or various promotions online, and then complain about paying ten bucks for a pizza…..expect 5 dolla service for the 5 dollar pizza you will never get, one time i had a carry out call for a buy one get one free pizza who came and picked it up 45 minutes later called back two hours later to say how our pizzas were dry, well sir i dunno if you came to pick the pizza up an hour earlier you miserable miserable person….the point is a lot of customers bring it upon themselves and more often then not onto others. And if people had an ounce of reason at all they would know what they wanted to order before they call, know when they want the pizza to approximately arrive knowing it could be possibly a little late, and if paying on a card have it ready instead of putting us on hold to find it and making the rest of ou customers wait….just once, just once some appreciation would go a long way….two way street

  11. I’m not surprised that the Domino’s manager above can’t even gather the mental faculties to attempt punctuation or capitalization. Having been terminated without cause by one of these uneducated morons, I can tell you that Domino’s will always be minor league because they treat their employees like trash. As a result, the employees just stop caring.

  12. Sometimes you may have bad experiences with people, specific people, whether individuals or a group. These people you talk about represent the company, but they are not everybody in that company. Stereotypes usually come from a collaborated opinion and only based on similar repetitive experiences, not usually on fact. Learn to be open to the good as much as you are to the bad and you will learn and grow. I will not argue the variable of age either, because everybody learns differently. There are many people who represent Dominos well, and I will ask you to search them out and speak on them if you will. This experience will teach you the usefulness of compassion and understanding to maybe include peoples personal weaknesses, instead of letting someone else infect you with their disharmony and then you try to infect others with that same bad energy, where it can keep a bad cycle going. Try, please try to look past yourself and be understanding. Do me a favor, go to this site on facebook, “The Domino’s Pizza Guy Who Dances Retardedly On Fairburn Road”. Do me that justice, and you will see what it can be when people work together and instill positive energy in one another.

  13. I loved ordering online at first and then I noticed something was off. No matter what you ordered, they would give you the subtotal, tax, delivery charge and add that all up for you so you don’t have to think. When I added it myself, it was always ten cents off. No matter what the order was, the total they gave you always had an additional unexplained ten cents. I wanted an explanation. Any explanation would satisfy me. I keep emailing them, but, instead of responding as to where the ten cents came from, they keep sending me gift certificates. I don’t want gift certificates. I just want to know where the ten cents came from!

  14. Oh boy here we go. To Donna B., I would like to apologize for your (they would tell us to say “less than satisfactory” service) crappy service. I just started driving for Domino’s about two weeks ago and I must say that it has been a lot to handle, but I have honestly been impressed by my store’s dedication to customer service. Unfortunately, not all stores are like this. The other night I made a delivery that was a 58 minutes delivery and to be honest I was downright ashamed for bringing them that pizza so late. Lately, just tonight actually, I did not deliver an order past about 25 minutes, and I am still learning my way around. I am sorry that you had such a terrible experience with your local Domino’s and I would not blame you if you would not try them again. Some stores are plainly better than others because some stores care more about their customers. As far as the people who think that you have to be uneducated to work at a Domino’s I would like to say that I am a Junior Music Education major at my local University right now, just trying to make enough money for the everyday expenses, like helping with car insurance and paying rent.

    My last note to Donna B. is that I wish she could order from my store and have me deliver to her, because I guarantee that I could change her mind.

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