An Unfortunate URL

As noted in the post below, we have no AC. The unit is about 24 years old and well… it’s likely beyond repair.

Plus it’s the middle of summer in the south and getting someone out to look at it and repair/replace it means waiting a while. I think we’re lucky we found someone to come look at ours tomorrow.

But then there’s the weekend… please send cool thoughts our way!

6 thoughts on “An Unfortunate URL

  1. I can think of few things worse.

    Then again, I just paid an ungodly sum to get my 13-year-old A/C repaired. On the upside, they actually come out on Sundays here in overheated Oklahoma.

  2. Your cold front hit us about and hour ago and we’ve opened all our windows and turned on the attic fan (a great leftover from a non-central-air cooled house.

    I’m about to get in the shower with cold water only (again) and hope I come out freezing! The outside temp is now 73. The indoor temp has dropped from 91 (when the outside temp was 101) to 84.

    We will survive!!

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