“A Permanent State Of Election”

“…it’s as if we’re politically stuck in a permanent state of election. A political priapism. The United States of Viagra or something. The “they” run for office, the more “we” run. Against them! And the more I wasnt to run. Away”

Yup. I often feel as if I should blog more about politics but when I get that feeling and look into it a bit, I’m repulsed. Plus, I usually (always) find another blog or article where someone else has¬†written essentially¬†what I am thinking much better than I could write it.

However, one thing I am disgusted with is blind partisanship and I haven’t really seen a lot written about that. The fact that Coakley — arguably the worst senate candidate from any state in decades — got as many votes as she did can only (in my mind) attributed to a willful blindness. See here.

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