A Culinary Error To Avoid

When freezing garden products for later use, it is extremely important to label the packages. Labeling them correctly would be even better.

I had a nice crop of peppers last year, mild red and purple bell peppers, mild jalapenos, and so very NOT-MILD habaneros. I chopped them up and froze them in little baggies. The purple bell pepper and the jalapenos were easy to tell apart. Not so the red bell peppers and habaneros, which I’d let ripen to the red stage.

But, because I think I will never forget which is which, I didn’t label the packages. Oh sure, the red bell peppers were thicker and bigger chunks, the habaneros thinner and tinier because you just don’t need a big chunk of habanero.

Today, I made clean-out-fridge fried rice. Yep, you guessed it, I thought that last 1/8 cup or so of frozen red pepper were of the mild bell pepper type, so I dumped them all into the skillet.


The fried rice is good, but it’s hot. Really, really hot. The kind of hot that stays with you, clinging to your lips, tongue, and cheeks. For hours.  

6 thoughts on “A Culinary Error To Avoid

  1. Jalapenos are nothing. I can eat them right off the vine. Habaneros are a whole ‘nuther story. One that has a fiery ending.

    My dear Scribbler, have you never eaten a habanero pepper? If not, you do not know the meaning of hot. There are some Chinese and Thai dishes that can come close, but one 1/4″ square of fully ripened habanero skin is enough to “heat” four servings of any dish.

    When I visit your fine establishment in NYC, I will bring you some hot sauce!

  2. I’ve not only never had habaneros but I’ve never even heard of them. I’m not too swift on the food knowledge front but I do like spicy food. Thai in particular. In fact, now that I say that maybe I have had habaneros and just didn’t know it if you say it’s used in Thai dishes. A friend of mine when I lived in L.A. went with a Thai gal, I mean right off the boat Thai gal, and on Sundays he would give her his credit card and turn her loose at the supermarket. She would come back with half the store and put together veritable feasts for us and to this day it’s some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life. There’s a very good Thai restaurant two blocks from where I live now, been there a long time, and the food they make couldn’t come close to what my friend’s girlfriend made for us back in the day.

  3. I doubt you had habaneros in Thai food, but you could have had something equally hot. Hopefully not quadruple portions of hot!

    The best Thai food I’ve ever had was in Scotland, but I bet it did not compare with what your friend’s girlfriend made.

    Scribbler’s trip to Thailand, with selected blog commenters along for taste tests… that’s what we need to work on!

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