Music To Drive By

Retriever asks for recommendations of good driving tunes to keep her and her co-drivers awake and happy. Here’s the list I posted for her: Charlie Mingus – Moanin’ Something fast light and airy from one of the elli’s (Locatelli, Corelli, Torelli, et al)  Grateful Dead – Deep Elem Blues Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Will […]

Such A Thoughtful Gift

For years my daughters have given me truly fantastic gifts, especially for Mother’s Day and my birthdays. These have included trips to Scotland, wonderful dinners, cards, photos, surprise visits… the list is long. * What makes each gift special is that so much thought and planning (conspiracy!) goes into each one. Though an overseas trip is always a good gift, the […]

A Patriotic Mural in Shreveport

If I were a fantastically talented photographer, I’d be posting photos everyday. Usually, I’m disappointed in something about most photos I take – the lighting, the composition, the focus… something. However, occasionally I find some of my old photos to be more appealing to me now than when I took them. Perhaps since I have […]