2nd Amendment Trialogue, con’t.

A week ago, I wrote that I would post my 2nd Amendment questions for Electric Venom right after I took a nap. I did have a really nice nap, but didn’t around to posting any questions. As you see.

Fortunately there are no time restrictions on this game :-)

My questions are about gun safety around children.

1. One of the most frequently heard statistic is that over 3,000 children die of gunshot wounds every year. This figure varies on the bounding ages. What age group(s) should these statistics use for the average American to get a reasonable understanding of the problem?

2. It’s common sense (to me at least) that rules should differ on almost everything considering the age of a child. For example, toddlers are taught to stay out of the street and supervised closely to make sure they do. As they get older their “safe” space expands. At what age should children be introduced to gun safety? Or should they be kept away from guns until they reach the legal age to purchase one?

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