May 04

Admitting My Weaknesses

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Let’s do this one at a time… and slowly. Next weakness to be admitted between 5/4/2032 and 5/4/3032.

Today I admit that I’m no good at driving a vehicle towing another vehicle… ever. At any time. Or place. I can do it if you make me and if there’s no one else available. But I won’t ever do it to anyone’s satisfaction.

It would be durn handy to blame this lack of ability on me being female, but I’ve witnessed males that aren’t any better at it than I am. I really feel sorry for those guys because they can’t get out of doing this as easily as I can.

Oh yeah, I do NOT mind playing the “but I’m a girl” card when it’s to my advantage. In exchange, I don’t mind guys playing the “but I’m a guy” card occasionally. (Occasionally… because I’m a girl and can also play the feminist card. See how this works? Yes… I knew you would :-)

Backstory: Our yard isn’t that big, but it has this ditch near the street. It was always a problem to mow, but since the city “cleaned” the ditch it’s much worse. It’s never been doable on a riding lawn mower. It’s been a few years since either my husband or myself have been able to mow the ditch with a push mower and now the city has made even that impossible no matter how young and strong the wielder of the mower might be.

To readers that know my husband, it’s no surprise that he tried to mow this small area with a riding lawn mower anyway.

Several times. Since the last time he tried it resulted in neighbors pulling the overturned lawnmower off him, he really has been more careful. Really. This time, he just got the lawnmower stuck and wanted me to pull it out with the pickup while he guided it around the tree guarding the ditch.

And I DID IT!!! Yay me! But before I got into the truck (after carefully surveying the situation) I extracted several promises from him. One is that he will never ever try to mow that part of the ditch. The second was that he will either get one of the (at least two, maybe more) weed-eaters that we own fixed and use them instead.

He’s off right now seeing about getting a weed-eater in operating order.

The third promise I asked for… well, he didn’t promise, so I won’t elaborate.

5 Responses to “Admitting My Weaknesses”

  1. Assistant Village Idiot says:

    I also am not good at this. Nonetheless, I towed a Ford Probe behind an RV from NH to Houston 6 years ago because need drove me. I almost got everything destroyed outside Wilmore, KY, but was able to escape through a field of tall grass when I couldn’t turn around. I leave it to y’all to imagine how I would have explained being in the middle of a field to AAA if it hadn’t worked. I have also scraped a boat against a nervous elderly lady’s car, making her almost permanently nervous thereafter.

    I have a thoroughly ambidextrous younger brother who has been able to back up accurately with trailers since before he had his license, with mirrors alone, never looking over his shoulder.

  2. Mary says:

    I hope you got those promises in writing…men have very selective memories! Glad everyone (including you) made it out ok.

  3. Donna B. says:

    AVI – My husband can back up (and under) a trailer of any size with any vehicle with great accuracy. My father (who seldom admits anybody is better than him at anything) raves about that. Forward, without a trailer — I’ll drive, thank you!

    Mary – even if I did get them in writing, I’d forget where I put the paper.

  4. TheGoodOne says:

    Nevermind in writing; I wish you’d gotten the entire episode on video.

  5. retriever says:

    Hi, Donna! Am finally back on the internet after being consumed by work and family stuff for months…

    I can’t tow anything. But I’m a timid driver at the best of times–I only learned to drive when I was 30, as I couldn’t afford a car, and lived in cities where I could get by on busses, and bicycles and walking til then. Had I been in your situation, I would have taken wicked PHOTOGRAPHS and threatened to post them if assorted demands of mine hadn’t been met… (just kidding)