Jan 09

Elvis Has Left The Building

Tag: History,music,nostalgia,Shreveport/LouisianaDonna B. @ 3:47 pm

Of course, I’m a day late in acknowledging what should have been Elvis’ 75th birthday.  I’m always late.

Jim at My Bossier has a short, sweet tribute that reminds me why I originally thought Elvis was a fine and talented performer. It’s a clip of two songs from 1954 sang on KWKH’s Louisiana Hayride show. (That’s the 2nd clip.)

The first clip is of the first time the phrase “Elvis has left the building” was used, from the same radio program a few years later.

3 Responses to “Elvis Has Left The Building”

  1. Jim says:

    I remember listening to the Louisiana Hayride on the radio on Saturday nights as a child in the 1950′s. I hope younger people can have some appreciation of the impact that it had on country music back in the day.
    Thank you. Thank you very much.

  2. Donna B. says:

    It’s so nice to say “I am too young to remember” something! Although part of the reason I don’t remember the Louisiana Hayride is because by the ’50s we’d moved to Colorado.

  3. Opining Online » Is There Something I Missed? says:

    [...] I didn’t know until recently the origin of the phrase “Elvis has left the building“, I never thought it originated in the military. Yet, someone got to this blog with this [...]