Nov 19

A New Life Is A New Hope

Sometime around the 7th of April, I will be the fortunate grandmother of a newborn granddaughter.

Her 19 week sonogram showed her to be perfect and healthy. I’m anxiously awaiting my grandma cuddle time with her as well as wondering what joy I will experience in watching her 3 year old sister interact with her newborn baby sister.

Until today, we all wished for a baby boy… but we all wished for that perfect and healthy even more. And now, after a few hours I find it difficult to think of this child as anything other than a perfect and healthy girl, though as recently as last week I thought of a perfect and healthy boy.

It does not matter. The most awesome and inspiring thing about having a child is the inability to imagine life without them. Once born, once cuddled, once held it is as that child has been a part of your life forever.

So, even though in reality it’s been only 30+ years that my daughter has been in my life… it feels wonderfully as if it is forever. And with each child my daughter bears, forever is extended exponentially, geometrically,¬†and beyond.

Love cannot be explained by science.

6 Responses to “A New Life Is A New Hope”

  1. Icepick says:

    Babies are rather incredible, aren’t they?

  2. retriever says:

    Happy for you. Hope it is a healthy pregnancy for your daughter, and the new grandchild.

  3. Donna B. says:

    Everyone is healthy and everything is exciting! I’m still waiting for a copy of some of the sonogram pictures. Technology is amazing.

  4. CGHill says:

    There’s something miraculous about the process, no matter how much we try to bring it down to earth.

  5. Donna B. says:

    Now you’ve given me further food for thought, CG. While the miraculous is there, to me it presents itself as wholly down to earth… the ultimate natural experience.

  6. talina says:

    Awe a baby girl… How fun for you. Are frilly things on the horizon?