Jul 17


Or rubbing salt in a wound?

1902: With human comfort the last thing on his mind, a young mechanical engineer completes the schematic drawings for what will be the first successful air-conditioning system.

It was the effects of humidity on paper that he was trying to stabilize and I can assure that paper has been curling in my home the last few days. So has my hair.

Our new unit is on the way and hopefully installation will be completed by Monday evening. We’re not just getting the old one (aged 24) repaired, but installing an entirely new unit, including heat.

The heater part hasn’t worked right in 5 years or so, but that’s seldom a huge problem here.

3 Responses to “Irony?”

  1. talina says:

    That all you’ve got going for your birthday? Eat some cake woman!

  2. Donna B. says:

    I would, but the icing would melt!

  3. Assistant Village Idiot says:

    It seems that an enormous number of inventions and discoveries came from bright people looking for something else, but having the sense to notice what they saw. There’s a sermon in that.