May 18

Scent Of A Newly Mown Lawn

Tag: seasons,Shreveport/LouisianaDonna B. @ 7:09 pm

We’ve had quite a bit of rain here in NW Louisiana for several weeks now. This means our lawns are lushly green. This afternoon, three of my neighbors mowed their lawns and the scent was marvelous.

It mingles with the scent of my star jasmine which is nearing the end of it’s yearly blooming. It will be replaced by the scent of my asian lilies soon — the buds are large now.

After that, sometime in July, the gardenia will start blooming.

My small front porch garden is doing well. This is where the star jasmine reigns supreme, but I also enjoy the blooms of the impatiens, the begonias, the hostas, and far too infrequently, the gerbera daisies. I just don’t have much luck with those.

For Mother’s Day, I was sent a small azalea, which I’m going to try in this small garden. I hope it works… it’s mostly a shade garden and it has some drainage problems which I’ve worked on correcting over the years.

This garden is also where I put my rocks. I love rocks. All the rocks in my front porch garden carry a special memory for me. Some are from my step-mother’s collection, some are from the home in Arizona where my granddaughter was born, some are from Alaska, one is from the clinic where my father is receiving radiation for his lung cancer… some are from my back yard.

Wherever I visit, I’m likely to ‘steal’ a rock.

11 Responses to “Scent Of A Newly Mown Lawn”

  1. Mary says:

    sounds fabulous! I’ve just started growing confederate jasmine and need to do a trellis. It smells great. If I could grow peionies here, I would be
    totally happy!

  2. Lori says:

    I love rocks! I never ‘understood’ rocks until freinds of mine started painting them, and my grandaughter got the bug. I have rocks now from every stage of her life, and every time I look in my garden, it means more to me than her annual school picture, it means a peace of her progress, a time captured in paint, a memeory shared as I was there. Rocks “ROCK”,, lol

  3. Donna B. says:

    That’s so sweet Lori! I have wished I’d labeled my rocks before “planting” them, but I can look at any of them and conjure up wonderful memories of the places they came from… and especially of the people who were at those places.

    You’re so right — rocks ROCK!

  4. N says:

    I’ve never smelled so much freshly cut grass until we moved to the Midwest from AZ this last Fall! I hate the sound of lawn mowers but love the fragrance that wafts from the lawns and fields afterwards. It always makes me want to pour a nice tall glass of lemonade or iced tea and sit outside.

    We’re finally drying out a bit here too after several weeks of rain. I’m trying to get the rest of my vegetable garden in before we get more.

  5. talina says:

    We are so sending you a rock from The Farm now. I used to paint rocks as a kid but haven’t caught the rock bug as an adult.

  6. Donna B. says:

    N — agreed on the sound of lawnmowers, but they are less irritating than gas-powered leaf blowers and weed-trimmers. My Dad is having to re-plant part of his garden because of the heavy rains. Some of the commercial corn and soybean fields near the Red River flooded completely.

    Talina — I’ve already got a spot in mind for that rock! Plus, I’ve never got one in the mail before. I’ve worried about them in my carryon at airports, but all I got was strange looks from the TSA people.

  7. scribbler50 says:

    You give beautiful new meaning, Donna, to the phenomenon once known as “the pet rock”.

  8. Donna B. says:

    I had to resort to pet rocks because I kept killing my chia pets.

  9. Anne says:

    We love rocks to up here in the midwest. We’ve had rain a-plenty too up here.

    But never will we have the scent of jasmine and gardenias in our backyard! How lovely!

  10. Gargoyle Statues says:

    Nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass :)

  11. Colin says:

    Come on over to the UK , we have lush lawns, cottage garden roses fully perfumed, jasnmine and rocks when you come to Snowdonia.