Apr 28

Gun Trivia

Tag: guns,political correctnessDonna B. @ 9:46 pm

Alphecca recently commented on how the AP defines “assault rifle” or weapon. Basically, it’s a rifle that looks mean, or “military” and it really doesn’t matter how you define the terms. It’s been my experience that where the media is concerned, AK-47 and assault weapon are synonymous.

Well, darned if the media didn’t have it right this time. Although I doubt they were any more aware of their correctness than I was.

It seems that the AK-47 was designed by copying certain features of the original “assault rifle”, the Sturmgewehr 44. It seems Hitler was highly impressed by that precursor to the AK-47 and gave it a name “satisfying his demented dream of eternally attacking the world”. (p.331)

3 Responses to “Gun Trivia”

  1. Lori says:

    Hmm, can’t really come up with any comment here, cause water guns are pretty much my limit, lol.

  2. Donna B. says:

    Water guns have got me in more trouble than any other kind!

  3. Larry Smith says:

    It is based on the Sturmgewehr 44. Not a copy but a vastly improved weapon. Accurate, durable and easily mass produced. Thats why is is the assault weapon.