Feb 27

Friday Night Beer Drinking Links

Tag: art,computers & internet,food & drink,humorDonna B. @ 11:20 pm

Most of the people I know who drink beer don’t need any excuse other than beer exists. However, at least for the first link, having a beer or two makes some things more palatable. Or not.

“Could it be the worst food product ever?” The answer is in the comments.

What better place on the web to visit while having a beer than Behind The Stick? To make it even better, What are the odds? comments contain a nice list of movies to put on your Netflix list for future Friday nights.

There is not enough beer in the universe for this — The Ontology Of Voltron, not Transformers — to make sense to me.

Tea Party first. Save the beer for the after party!

Do you doubt sometimes whether drinking beer is useful? Do you doubt the aesthetic effects? Here’s proving you have nothing to worry about: The Beer Can House.

5 Responses to “Friday Night Beer Drinking Links”

  1. Lori says:


  2. Donna B. says:

    Yeah, but just try building a house out of wine bottles. Or boxes :-)

    I should admit that I was drinking wine while collecting links for this post.

  3. scribbler50 says:

    Hey, Donna… thanks so much for the mention. I always appreciate your visits

  4. Donna B. says:

    scribbler50 — did you know I start checking your site on Wednesdays just in case you post early? I love reading your posts and want to be a regular at your bar.

  5. scribbler50 says:

    Thanks, Donna, I really appreciate that but believe me, you won’t see anything up and running by Wednesday. It’s all I can do to get my stuff out by the week-end.
    All the best