Jan 19

Family History Confusion

Tag: genealogy,my familyDonna B. @ 9:25 pm

Confusion coupled with a poor memory is not a pretty sight. I’ve blogged about addictive nature of genealogy and about trying to define what I want from the research. When I started this, I could keep track of people in my head to a much greater extent than I can now. I can still remember most of my straight-line ancestors, but you don’t learn a lot about their lives unless their brothers and sisters are included.

What I’d really like to have is a huge wall-chart that would show where the various ancestor’s families have married into the same group of families, for example two sisters of one family marrying two brothers of another. There’s ample evidence that these families moved together from Virginia and South Carolina westward together. So many of them ended up within a 100 miles of each other either in Texas or Arkansas.

This is a small house. I don’t have a wall that big!

But, I’ve got to get organized and soon. I’m starting here, but I realize no one “system” is going to fit my idea of what I want. I’ve got to find (or design) one that integrates my paper files with my digital ones.

If anyone reading this has suggestions, let me know!

P.S. I would be willing to trade a week of babysitting for a week of organizing! hint… hint.

3 Responses to “Family History Confusion”

  1. Mary says:

    You know Faulkner had a wall like that…

  2. LittleSister says:

    My gawd, are we related to him, too??

  3. Donna B. says:

    A wall like that would come in handy when we write The Great American Novel about our family, wouldn’t it?