Nov 03

My Condolences to the Obama Family

Tag: UncategorizedDonna B. @ 5:14 pm

Barack Obama’s grandmother, Toot, has died. The report said her death was peaceful. May she rest in peace.

3 Responses to “My Condolences to the Obama Family”

  1. LittleSister says:

    Thank you for this, BigSister whom I love.

  2. Talina says:

    It is so sad, cancer is an awful thing.

  3. Donna B. says:

    You’re welcome LilSis… I could not help but think how during sleep is perhaps so much easier than fighting so hard, as we’ve witnessed… but then I can’t really say fighting is not the way to go.

    Talina, it is awful because it’s often such a slow and painful death. When it’s time for me to go (say, in 75 years or so!) I hope it’s quick.