Sep 04

Pit Bull With Lipstick

Tag: 2008,energy,foreign policy,guns,military,politicsDonna B. @ 12:57 am

And I want to hug that pit bull! Oh yeah, that sounds a bit lesbian, so sue me. She’s one hell of an orator (Obama, uh, listen up — you uh, really don’t shine in uh, that department, you know, uh, despite what’s been, uh, written about you…)

If Sarah Palin was snide and sarcastic, then I like snide and sarcastic. No, I love snide and sarcastic.

If Sarah Palin is wrong to treat her “special needs” child as normally as possible, then I’m wrong too in treating my “non-special needs” children as normal. Good grief, what is a mother to do when faced with any child — set him or her up to fail due to “special” treatment? And, yes, I do speak from experience here as the mother of a special needs child who is now a special needs adult. He is still his own entity, not an extension of me.

Admiration is something I have for few people. My mother and father have earned it. My grandmother and step-grandfather have earned it. A few very special aunts, uncles, and cousins have earned it. My children — they too have earned it, each in their own special way. But… to bestow any semblance of this admiration to a politician is unheard of in my world. Yet, Sarah Palin has earned, at the very least, a consideration that she might possibly deserve my admiration.

Oh yeah, and I want to adopt Piper and Trig. Would that be OK with you Sarah?

4 Responses to “Pit Bull With Lipstick”

  1. LittleSister says:

    Hey, thanks for that. :)

  2. Donna B. says:

    I’m trying to decipher whether there is snide sarcasm in your comment. No tone of voice really comes through, smiley aside.

    I fear I screwed up by leaving siblings out of those I admire… now there’s an “oh shit” moment for me, in which I gratefully ponder the 10,000 miles physically separating us.

  3. LittleSister says:

    In actual fact, it’s only 4,362.17 miles from my house to yours, according to Google Earth. Less than 5000. WAY less than 10,000. :)

  4. Donna B. says:

    Well shit. Now, I’m worried.