Jan 22

I’d love to see the job description

Tag: genealogy,humorDonna B. @ 12:16 am

This is from an 1880 census of Little River County Arkansas, Jackson Township. The column heading reads:

Profession, Occupation, or
Trade of each person,
male and female.
Not surprisingly, in this mostly rural area, the men were usually farmers and almost all the women were keeping house. For the males in this snippet, machinist was the odd occupation. For the females, the non-keeping house occupation is:
Hmm… now let me think, other than schoolmarm, just about any occupation other than keeping house was very rare for a female in those days, especially in a rural area, though I have seen several listed as farmers. Around 1890, there were two postmistresses in a neighboring county.But objectionable? Could it possibly be… could she have possibly been… a politician?

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    You left out the part about being related to her………